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Tiger Fighting on October 15th Beijing time 0:30 this Sunday, Arsenal will challenge Manchester City away, Gunners coach Arteta attended the press conference.


"He is familiar with everything in the club. Today is his first training, so everything came too fast for him. Before we signed him, we knew he was in good health and he was very willing to start. For the game, he needs a training session today. We will see how he performs in the next 48 hours, and then we will decide whether he will play."


"I saw the hustle and bustle around me and the fans were really happy. After we bought him, I saw some very positive reactions, as did the club, the team and the staff. I think he is someone we have followed for a long time. Player, we have managed to successfully introduce him, I think he will be a very important addition to the team."


"Thomas has now met some teammates, not everyone, because some of them were in the national team before, but today everyone is back. It is a great day for him to know everyone."


"It varies from person to person and depends on many factors. First of all, how do they settle in this city with their family, do they speak the local language, whether their physical fitness is more suitable for the team and the Premier League, or they Does it require some adaptation and development in certain areas. Some players adapt quickly, while others take a long time."


"We completed this transaction at the last time. Many things were going on at the same time. Obviously, there was a lot of paperwork to do. It was a challenge to complete it within 24 hours, but I'm really happy because we succeeded."


"I don't know what Atletico Madrid will be annoyed about. When your players have a penalty clause, you will think this may happen at any time. When the summer window opens, it is legal to do so. Before that, we I also had some communication with them, hoping that they would respect this transfer."


"I am very confident in what we have done. It is too early to say that our performance after the end of the season is too early. We still have a lot to do. As a team, we still have a lot to improve. We know what must be done. , We know the level of competition we face in this league. We are very satisfied with the introduction of new players in the transfer window. Now we need to do better and better every week."


"I think this will be a completely different game. Manchester City and Sheffield United have completely different playing styles. They have very different requirements for us with and without the ball. I feel very much about the way and patience we won the game. Happy, we have made a lot of progress compared to last year, but we know that the level of difficulty against Manchester City will be another level."

“我认为这将是一场完全不同的比赛。曼城和谢菲尔德联队的比赛风格完全不同。有球和无球对我们的要求都非常不同。我对赢得比赛的方式和耐心感到非常满意。 ,与去年相比,我们取得了很多进步,但是我们知道,对阵曼城的难度将是另一个水平。”

"Each of their Xia Chuang signings are creating amazing numbers. In my opinion, they were a bit unlucky due to some things at the beginning of the season, and their opponents are very capable of seizing opportunities. But I think their quality of competition , There is no reduction in any level."


You know Guardiola’s tactics better than anyone


"I don't know what else is better. I know him very well because we have been working together for four years and we have a very close relationship. We all know what we think and how to solve problems, but in the fast game, We have to try our best to stop them or execute the game on the court. This is very difficult, much more difficult than tactically."


"I think Manchester City and Liverpool, we seem to have played a lot of games. The next few weeks will be very difficult. We know who our opponents will be. To beat them, we rely on our individual and collective strength. We don't have Too much time to prepare for the game, because today is our first day of training, but we will work hard to win the game in Manchester."


"I don't know, it depends on him. I think the last time I heard him interview, he was still very happy. He talked about the future, and their new players, those are very young players... I don't know, I just want to see him happy."


"I think this is a very clear statement from the Premier League about what is going to happen. We must all be based on the reality and how we can help each other to make football more sustainable. But I think this must be agreed by everyone. Yesterday The Premier League’s official statement is very clear about this."


"I don't think so. I think the way the Premier League has operated over the years is very special. I think there is a huge power in it. We can maintain this unity as much as possible and maintain the way we do things. I think this is very valuable. Yes, the image we show to the outside world is very, very powerful, and I hope we can maintain this state."


"We and I have to protect the lower leagues. This is our duty. We hope that everyone in this industry will create grassroots opportunities. I think it is fair to evaluate the form and find the best way to achieve this goal. This is our responsibility. ."


"His matter is very complicated. When we sent our players abroad (returning to the national team), you obviously lost control. Some officials have different rules in the Premier League. We are still having some discussions with the authorities. Hope this afternoon. To learn more. I hope he can play in the weekend game."


"Yes, but in the end we know that we are also responsible for the players. We must give players the opportunity to participate in international competitions. International competitions also need our players. I think we can handle it better in the future. Hope this International Match Day The rest can help us minimize some possible mistakes. But in reality, risks always exist. The existence of some rules and agreements also gives us the best opportunity to protect our players and the club at the same time."


"No, I think the international competition must continue because there must be some competitions. This summer's competition has been postponed and must be played now because these organizations must be sustainable and we all understand that. What we are asking for is Try to unify these agreements and rules to create a safe environment for our players while protecting the club. Obviously, when the Premier League resumes, the absence of some players will have an impact."


"He is very close because he challenges everyone every week whether he starts or not. His training and performance are very positive, and his scoring record is getting better and better every week. He is moving in the right direction and this is exactly what we need."


"currently there is not."




Wenger will cheer for the team when the fans return to the stadium. What do you think of this?


"I want to see him come back to us. He is an important person to me. I can still learn a lot from him. I hope he can get closer to us. Obviously the reality does not allow us to do this, but I think he is a character who must exist in our club. I think it was him who made Arsenal develop into what it is today."


"I don't know, we just ended the transfer window, but I can say that I am really happy in the club, I feel that I am valued here, I feel respect and support. What I care about is what we have to do here We need to improve around the team and strive to maintain our performance level and become better."


"I will try my best to get a new contract with the Gunners. Now in football, you have to fight for it every week. Things change quickly, so we must stay vigilant. I also have the responsibility to make mid- and long-term plans to promote the development of the club and improve. The level of the team and the success on the court, I hope all these visions can be realized."