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亚博游戏软件下载:李铁6日训练前密谈国足二少 考察4新人倾向在锋线挖潜

In this training session of the National Football Team, 4 U23 players Zhu Chenjie, Zhang Yuning, Guo Tianyu and Tong Lei have received much attention. Among them, except for Guo Tianyu who had worked with Li Tie in Wuhan Zall last year, the other three entered the Tiejia Army for the first time. Even though Zhu Chenjie was on the roster last time, he left the team early due to injuries. Therefore, one of the main purposes of Li Tie's training camp is to investigate these new faces as much as possible.


In training, he really paid more attention to these young players. For example, before the official training started亚博游戏下载app on October 6, he found Zhu Chenjie and Zhang Yuning alone for a while. Before coming to the national team this time, Zhu Chenjie still had minor injuries, but considering that the previous training camp left early due to injuries, this time I also cherish this opportunity. Zhu Chenjie was also one of the first international players to report to the team on the morning of the 4th.


Zhang Yuning and Guo Tianyu are both centers. Under the premise of owning Exon and Dong Xuesheng, Li Tie recruited them into the national team, which is also a hidden change of tactical thinking. In fact, in the first three national team training sessions, Li Tie's tactics for the team were not all consistent. For example, in Guangzhou and Dubai, he admired the 442 parallel position. When the team recruited SIPG and Shenhua in the Shanghai training camp in May, they played 4231 formations. So far, the national team has not clarified the main tactics of the World Cup qualifiers, but considering the different styles of the Philippines, Syria and other Asian powers, Li Tie is also preparing several sets of play in the national football this year.


For this reason, he added two domestic centers in this training camp, and they are two younger centers. For Zhang Yuning, Li Tie himself is very optimistic, "He was a national team player before, but he missed the previous training sessions because of injury. And this year, he also performed well in the league, and it is normal to return to the national team." In contrast, because Guo Tianyu and Li Tie have worked together, it should be easier to integrate into the national team. "Because I have been in Wuhan for a year, I still have a better understanding of his and tactical thinking. For me, it is mainly It’s better to get in touch with the big brothers in the team and get to know each other.” Guo Tianyu said.

因此,他在这个训练营中增加了两个国内中心,它们是两个年轻的中心。对于张裕宁来说,李铁本人非常乐观,“他以前是国家队球员,但由于伤病错过了之前的训练。今年,他在联赛中也表现出色,重返常规赛很正常。国家队。”相比之下,由于郭天宇和李铁一起合作,应该更容易融入国家队。 “由于我已经在武汉呆了一年,所以我对他的战术思想仍然有了更好的了解。对我来说,与团队中的大兄弟保持联系并相互了解是更好的选择。”郭天宇说。

After the three training sessions, Li Tie still has concerns about the center candidate. Before playing against Shanghai SIPG and Shenhua, he successively used Exon and Tan Long as the single arrow. Now that Tan Long was unable to participate in the training camp because of his campaign in China, and he recruited two more young shooters, Li Tie had a wider choice. On the contrary, Tong Lei, because facing Tang Miao and tomorrow's "double pincer" at the right back position, it is unlikely that he wants to get to the position as soon as possible. An insider of the national football team said that for the use of these four young players, Li Tie is temporarily paying more attention to digging on the front line.

经过三轮培训,李铁仍然对中锋候选人感到担忧。在与上海SIPG和神华对决之前,他先后使用Exon和Tan Long作为单支箭。既然谭龙由于在中国参加竞选活动而无法参加训练营,并且又招募了两名年轻射手,那么李铁的选择范围就更大了。相反,童磊因为面对唐M和明天的右后卫“双钳”,他不太可能希望尽快到达该位置。国家橄榄球队的一位内部人士说,对于这四名年轻球员的使用,李铁暂时更加注重在第一线的挖掘。

(Reported by PP Sports Reporter Group)


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